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Ruth is a Christian Contemporary Singer Songwriter. Her story is about Him who takes ashes and turns it into beauty. She loves singing and writing songs about the absolute beauty she has found in Christ.



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To know
the heart of God, and to make Him known.

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Moments of encounter.

'I was seventeen when I first encountered the reality of a living God who loves me, who knows me and who cared very deeply for even the smallest of matters that resided in my heart. Getting to know Christ has been the most precious, fulfilling, thrilling and adventurous walk of my life. It has not been without upward climbs and relentless battles but it has been full of His glory. He is my greatest treasure. I have encountered His power, He has healed me countless times, delivered me from bondage over and over again and I have tangibly felt His presence, heard His voice and seen Him do the most miraculous wonders. He is absolutely real to me.'

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